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Beef: Butcher’s Choice-Eighth Beef Cut


Our Beef: Butcher’s Choice – Eighth Cut provides the highest retail value per pound and we have pre-selected ALL the choices for you!

Cost: $400.00

Estimated hang weight of 100lb.

Pricing: Prices are base prices for estimates only, your amount due will be based on a number of factors and determined at payment/delivery.

Account: If you would like to set up an account to manage your orders and customer information, please visit the Account page to set up an account.

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Pricing: $4.00/lb hanging weight. A typical cow will hang 750-800lbs. Anything over 800lbs is no additional charge. Displayed pricing is for estimates only.
Whole Cut: price is for an 800lb cow.
Half Cut: price is for an 400lb of cow.
Quarter Cut: price is for an 200lb of cow.
Eight Cut: price is for an100lb of cow.

Payment and Delivery: We do not currently accept online payment, all payments must be made in-person at our store or at the time of delivery.


  • Quarter Beef must have two quarters requesting the same size steaks and roasts. Quarter beef are made by splitting a front quarter and a back quarter so you get all the same cuts.
  • Where appropriate, we have pre-selected our “standard” options (e.g. 3/4″ thickness, 2 per package).
  • For our Beef: Butcher’s Choice, ALL options are pre-selected and cannot be changed.  If you wish to customize any of the options, please select our Beef: Custom Selections.