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Pork: Custom Selections


Pricing: Prices are base prices for estimates only, your amount due will be based on a number of factors and determined at payment/delivery.

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Please select up to 4 shoulder choices (Roast, Steak, Ribs, Ham)

Please select up to 2 shoulder choices (Roast, Steak, Ribs, Ham)

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Payment and Delivery: We do not currently accept online payment, all payments must be made in-person at our store or at the time of delivery.


  • Pork orders are processed three times a year in the months of February, May, and November.
  • Where appropriate, we have pre-selected our “standard” options.
  • If you do not wish to customize any of the options and would prefer our pre-selected recommendations on cuts, packing, weight, and choices, please select our Pork: Butcher’s Choice.