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The Deer Trail Meat Company Difference

 From the beef to custom cuts, we own the entire process, that’s the Deer Trail Meat Company difference. We manage the entire process from raising the cows to butchering and packaging, and we do it the old-fashioned way where quality leads the process. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! With rising beef costs across the country, we are...
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Give The Gift Of Beef

If you’re tired of gifting boring gift cards, this Christmas give the gift of beef. It is the gift that keeps on giving and with the rising costs of beef your recipient will appreciate this gift even more! Our beef makes for the perfect gift because whether gifting to a couple or large family, one...
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The Rising Cost of Beef: What You Need to Know

In the post pandemic world, the global supply chain is twisted and broken, and the rising cost of beef is a telltale sign. As demand for food, vehicles, and other goods has surged, producers and suppliers are struggling to keep up the pace, either unable to obtain the raw materials or the staff needed. In...
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The Benefits of Grass-Fed, Grain Finished Beef

With all the talk about grain-fed vs. grass-fed beef, steak eaters might be curious to know separates one from the other when these steaks hit the plate. Deer Trail Meat Co. cattle are grass-fed, and grain finished. We start them on a grass diet then introduce them to a custom, all-natural grain diet to get...
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