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Give The Gift of Beef

Give The Gift Of Beef

If you’re tired of gifting boring gift cards, this Christmas give the gift of beef. It is the gift that keeps on giving and with the rising costs of beef your recipient will appreciate this gift even more! Our beef makes for the perfect gift because whether gifting to a couple or large family, one size fits all!

Exceptional Taste

The foods that cattle eat have a major impact on the way they eventually taste and the composition of their meat. Deer Trail Cattle Co. cattle are grass-fed and on a 100% vegetarian diet. We start them on a grass diet then introduce them to a custom, all-natural grain diet to get that “high-end steakhouse” taste and rich flavor that our customers love so much!

The cattle are fed spent grains from Dry Dock Brewing Co., and spent mash from a local distillery, Mile High Spirits. Watch our video   to learn more.

While there are outliers, the majority of Americans seem to prefer the sweeter, richer taste that comes with corn-fed beef. This is a big part of the reason why major steak-brands and restaurants continue to draw attention to the fact they serve corn-fed steaks.

No Compromise in Quality

Our philosophy is simple, we provide a premium product at an affordable and sustainable price. We have our hands on every step of the process, from the first time our calves hit the ground, the daily care of the cows/calves/bulls, springtime pastures to plowing snow to create a path to roll out feed and bedding, to the custom butchering and creating the specific cuts that best fits your family. You can say there are no middlemen between you and us. We like it that way and that makes us uniquely qualified to work with each of our customers to deliver a highly customized product at a sustainable price. We are not interested in just selling a family a beef for their freezer, we are interested in developing a relationship with families that will last generations.

A Gift That Offers a Savings

Gifting beef offers your recipient an incredible impact to their budget. While large grocery chains and restaurants may be passing their increase in cost to the consumer, we simple will not! Because we have complete control of the process, you benefit. We are maintaining a healthy head of cattle, along with optimal grazing pastures. We minimize our carbon footprint and keep our overhead costs low by finishing our cattle with spent grains donated by local breweries, and own the meat locker where we process your order, so we maintain complete control of our cost and pricing structure. Purchasing from a grocery store means you incur a portion of their overhead costs and the price they pay for beef from the large meatpacking conglomerates.

This holiday season give the gift of beef. A unique gift that not only speaks to your taste in quality but offers the gift receiver a flavorful gift that impacts their palate and wallet.

Deer Trail Meat Co. is based out of Deer Trail. Colorado and offers beef and pork that are grass-fed, grain finished without the use of chemicals, hormones, or steroids. Our online ordering makes it easy for you to get quality beef and fair prices. You have the option of relying on our in-house butcher’s choice of cuts or you have the option to customize your order to suit your family’s needs. Farm to table without compromise. Visit our website to learn more.